Connecting the Deaf and hearing communities by interpreting with Deaf Heart

We Get Deaf Heart

Quality interpreting facilitates effective communication¬† among all parties.¬† Interpreting with Deaf Heart involves self-monitoring to ensure consistent respect for the Deaf consumer’s right to equality, full access and independence for comprehensive interaction without personal bias from the interpreter.


Our Promise

Deaf Heart Interpreting Agency provides qualified and certified interpreters, and we guarantee that all of our interpreters have been personally trained by Juti Seshie, company founder and veteran interpreter of more than 50 years.


Our Mission

Deaf Heart Interpreting Agency is committed to a Deaf-centered attitude among our interpreters, which is vital to fostering respect and harmony between the hearing and Deaf communities.

Our philosophy is that interpreters will cooperate, support and encourage one another.  This culture facilitates an enhanced interpreting experience for all consumers.