Registration Policies



We are wheelchair accessible. Our office is located on the first floor with easy access to our classroom. We also offer on-line training from the convenience of your own home.


Deaf Heart Interpreting Agency advocates equality in the presentation of continuing education workshops and webinars among all diverse interpreters and users of signed and spoken languages.

Refund Policy

Much hard work, time and money goes into preparing workshops and test preparation training classes, in addition to the overhead operational costs. We trust that our participants are committed to the process of learning.

This is why Deaf Heart Interpreting Agency must have a no refund policy. We understand that life can become overwhelming with unexpected losses and tragedy.  Cancellations made two weeks prior to the workshop date may be applied to future workshops.

Regarding Emergencies: If Deaf Heart Interpreting Agency has an emergency cancellation, we promise to offer that same workshop title within 3 mos. of the date of the cancellation of the workshop. We require at least 3 months to reschedule because all of Deaf Heart Interpreting Agency’s workshops are scheduled and CEUs have been applied and paid for at least 3 months in advance.


Fees and Registration for Multiple class courses have a binding agreement. Therefore, Deaf Heart Interpreting Agency has a “no-refund policy” and no prorates for missed classes. Missed classes can be made up in the archives or during the next session of the same course, but not both.

After participants have registered and received materials or have attended at least one workshop or a class, there is a “No” refund policy.

In the event that a participant’s schedule changes and the participant is unable to complete the training course, the participant will be able to view every class from our archived video workshop files.

If for some reason your payment transaction is held up, declined or stop payment applied, participants are liable for all monies due. Any legal actions that must be taken to retrieve money owed will be at the expense of the participant and at no cost to Deaf Heart Interpreting Agency.

We must do this so that we are able to depend on the registration fees and the commitment of the participants.

Before committing to a long term training course, you might want to review the Code of Professional Conduct.

NOTICE: There will be “No Prorates” for missed classes. Missed classes can be made up in the next same session.